The Bandwagon - performed May 1988

By Terence Frisby

Performed with the kind permission of

Director -dennis Murfitt


(in order of appearance)

Mrs Botterill Val Taylor
Mr Botterill Dennis Murfitt
Lorraine Roach Cathy O'Neill
Bernard Roach Bernie Brindley
Leslie Botterill Christopher Mason
Aurora Botterill Tracy Amoss
Piers Cramp Oliver Smith
Winifred Godd Viv Wheatley
Roger Digby Bert Yeates
Camera man Duncan Steel
Lighting Technician Paul Koval
Sound Technician Bill Embly
Heather Debi Koval
Tony Dave Turrell
Interviewer Allan Breckells
P.A. Girl Allison Hawkins
Corporal Keith Follett Adrian Bolton
Photographer Duncan Steel
Vicar Duncan Breckells
Nurses Lesley Butcher
Hilda Breckells

Production Team

Val Taylor, Viv Wheatley, Jude Hussey, Jenny Rollings, Greg Garrad, Dennis Murfitt, Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Alison Brett, Jenny Glayzer, Patience Ling, Viv Wheatley, and other volunteers not mentioned.

The Play

The Bandwagon by Terrence Frisby, an hilarious comedy set in the 1960s, revolved around the trials and tribulations of family life.


When Aurora Botterill finds herself expecting quins and attracts the attention of the media, the Bandwagon of the title starts to roll – with everyone trying to climb aboard the gravy train. Terence Frisby’s no-holds-barred comedy is by way of being a prototype for TV’s Till Death Us Do Part. It is rude, crude and in Dennis Murfitt’s uproarious production, screamingly funny.
Significantly, it is the women in the audience who are gripped in the biggest convulsion of mirth but despite one of two dull patches, the action generally bubbles along with the small stage for once working in favour of some hilarious overcrowding.

All the family are first-rate. Tracy Amoss plays the naďve, withdrawn Aurora with deft detail that finds touching expression in her duologue with Viv Wheatley’s gushing, false-faced agony-aunt. Cathy O’Neill, graduated with innumerable honours from Harwich Youth Theatre, is a splendid contrast as her equally pregnant married sister Lorraine, a voice that set the teeth on edge. Val Taylor’s timing as the similarly heavy-with-child Mother demonstrates vividly just why she is one of the foremost actresses in the area.
Dennis Murfitt’s Father, plagued with the back trouble that is a constant source of knowing giggles, makes the most of all his coarse-grained opportunities and Bernie Brindley’s son-in-law works as effectively off the focus as when he is the centre of attention.
Jimmy James

Photo Shoot

If you have any photos from this production, then please let us know.