The Bunburyists - performed November 2003

Or "The Importance of Not being Gilbert"

A musical comedy play by Colin Pearson

Director - Nigel Rowe


(in order of appearance)

Algernon Moncrieff John Roberts
Lane (The Butler) Nigel Morton
Ernest Worthing (Jack) Glyn Hill
W. S. Gilbert Nigel Lister
Lady Bracknell Amanda Rowe
Gwendolen Fairfax Caroline Newson
Miss Prism Liz Porter
Cecily Carden Jo Cobbold
Dr. Chasuble Mike Johansen
Second Butler Gordon Pryor
Chorus Kathy James
Bryan Threadgall

The Play

A musical comedy adapted by Colin Person from Oscar Wilde's book "The importance of being earnest".


Rising to Challenge

AFTER 25 years and nearly 80 productions, The Manifest Theatre Group continues to find, and rise to, new challenges.
Its latest offering, The Bunburyists or The Importance of Not Being Gilbert, breaks new ground and once again the talented cast, many of whom have been with the group since its formation in 1978, give a polished and professional performance.
During the relatively new musical comedy play by Colin Pearson, who used to live in the area, there were 23 songs, sung in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

For the most part the players coped well, Amanda Rowe as the overbearing Lady Bracknell, have a particularly strong voice, but at one stage they almost succumbed to a fit of the giggles when the ‘vicar’ got left behind in the fast flowing lyrics.
The two-act play, directed by Nigel Rowe and with piano accompaniment by Patience Ling, started slowly but the tempo increased and the scenery, after the interval, was enhance with garden plants provided by Hearts Delight, the Lawford nursery centre, creating a delightful setting. Among the 12-strong cast, John Roberts gave a faultless performance, while in the background, Gordon Prior, as the doddery butler, kept the audience amused.
Lesley Pallett


Best Direction - Nigel Rowe
Best Newcomer - Joanne Cobbold
Technical Achievement - "The Bunburyists"
Best Costume - Manifest Theatre Group for "The Bunburyists"
Awards presented at "The Brantham Play Festival 2003"

Photo Shoot (all names from left to right)

(Back row) Mike, Amanda, Gordon, Bryan, Kathy, Nigel, Liz, Nigel
(Front row) Glyn, Caroline, Jo, John

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