Curtain Up On Murder - Performed February 2004

A drama by Bettine Manktelow

Director - Roger Licence


(in order of appearance)

Linda Mary Powell
Ginny Jo Cobbold
Sandra Caroline Kobeilusz
Harry Gordon Prior
Alex Nigel Lister
Sylvia Stacie Withers
Martin Nigel Morton
Moppet Viv Wheatley

Production Team

Roger Licence, Mike Johansen, Bruce Emeny, Robert Carey, Gloria Streames, Caroline Kobielusz, Ray Streames, Maurice Barber.

The Play

An amateur drama company is rehearsing in the theatre at the end of the pier. Storms rage overhead and the doors are locked - they are trapped! Then a mysterious ghostly presence passes across the stage, and when the ASM falls to certain death through a trap door, the remaining actors are thrown into disarray. Their panic increases when one of the actresses is poisoned and it becomes evident that a murderer is in their midst. Following the style of many an Agatha Christie, the denouncement is a surprise as we discover that we are watching the dress rehearsal of the play we have been watching.


THIS latest production from the Manifest Theatre Group has more twists and turns than any country lane, making for an evening of real surprises.
Curtain Up on Murder is billed as a drama by Bettine Manktelow but has a little bit of everything else along the way - comedy, romance and right at then end, even a short song. All that was missing was the music!
The story unfolds over six scenes and is set on the stage of a small end-of-the-pier theatre, where an amateur group is rehearsing its next production. What happens to the players over the next few hours would baffle even the cleverest of detectives.

Under the direction of Roger Licence, the eight-strong cast give another very professional performance. Nigel Lister and Stacie Withers, on stage for most of the time, were superb.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

Nigel, Nigel, Amanda, Viv, Mary, Stacie, Jo

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