Fiddler On The Roof - performed May 1984

By Joseph Stein & Jerry Bock

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Dennis Murfitt


(in order of appearance)

Tevye - the milkman Dennis Murfit
Golde - his wife Val Taylor
Tzeitel - daughter Yvonne Cobbold
Hodel - daughter Sue Edmund
Chava - daughter Charlotte Parsons
Shprintze - daughter Heather Steel
Bielke - daughter Julia Wilshaw
Constable Duncan Breckels
Yente - the matchmaker Viv Wheatley
Motel - the tailor Adrian Bolton
Perchik - the student David Turrell
Lazar Wolf - the butcher Ron Colbourne
Mordcha - the innkeeper Geoffrey Austin
Rabbi Allan Breckels
Mendel - his son Michael Caven
Avram - the bookseller Herbert Yeates
Nachum - the begger Duncan Breckels
Grandma Tzeitel Wendy Colbourne
Fruma - Sarah Janet Cousins
Shandel - Motel's mother Brenda Chapman
The Fiddler David Warner
Fyedka Nigel Rowe
Villagers, Russians and Dancers Sue Harvey
John Watson
Linda Warner
Marion Boyce
Judy Hussey
Christopher Meade
Vincent Noyce
Jonathon Taylor
Hilda Breckels
Gill Baxter
Diane Woodley
Alison Brett
Gillian Riley
Bill Chapman
Fabian Breckels
Allison Hawkins.

Production Team

Peter Westbrook, Jenny Rollings, Bill Kempster, Geoffrey Taylor, Kevin Brown, Derek Cobbold, Carol Shakespeare, Tracey Amoss, Lisa Scattergood, Sheila Horton, Val Taylor, Maurice Barber, Rosemary Double, Ian Tucker, Greg Garrod, Bruce Emeny

The Musical

Attempting to live a normal life filled with Jewish traditions in early twentieth century Russia, Tevye, a dairyman, is searching for appropriate husbands for his three eldest daughters - Tzeital, Hodel and Chava. In a break of tradition, his daughters refuse to accept the wishes of the matchmaker, Yente, and their father. Instead, the marry men that they love. Meanwhile, Russians are instigating terrible pogroms against the Jewish people in Russia. In the end, the Jews of Anatevka are forced to leave their homes and Tevye is determined to start a better life in a new land.


"Without our tradition our lives would be as shaky as a Fiddler on the Roof."
So sets the scene for the Manifest's latest production - and nothing about it is shaky. The play is balanced, witty and entertaining.
Dennis Murfitt's production and direction bring the enjoyment back - nothing so tedious as the recent television film.
In the leading role Dennis Murfitt is funny and sometimes tragic,nicely paired off with Val Taylor as the long-suffering wife Golde.
As well as the old favourites, new members of Manifest bring a sparkle to the stage. Sue Edmund, is lively as Hodel the second daughter, and her well trained voice brings more depth to the talented theatre group.
Younger daughter Chava, played by Charlotte Parsons, also deserves a special mention.
The theatre group has never taken on such a challenge, yet it has paid off, just as past efforts have proved rewarding.
Huge casts for musical numbers such as Tradition, the Sabbath Prayer, Tevye's Dream and Sunrise Sunset need careful arrangement - credit should go to the musical director Patience Ling who also provides piano accompaniment throughout the evening.
With percussion by Greg Garrod and Pauline Rowe, Mrs Ling keeps the whole performance flowing, and sets the atmosphere for every scene.
David Turrell as Perchik the radical student, Ron Colbourne as jilted butcher Lazar Wolf, Geoffrey Austin as the innkeeper and Adrian Bolton as Motel the tailor, all fit perfectly under their hats.
Russia's answer to dateline, Viv Wheatley's Yente the matchmaker, typifies the obsolete tradition highlighted in the play, and brings several laughs from the full house.
Sue Wallis

Photo Shoot

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