Humble Boy - performed March 2006

By Charlotte Jones

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French Ltd

Director - Val Taylor

"Humble Boy" is a comedy drama which allows us a glimpse into the lives and loves of the Humble family. We are party to a family crisis,, where a death has bought about a series of changes that may push fragile relationships over the edge. The mixture of astro-physicist son, an overbearing mother, her lover and a whole hive of bees give rise to a play which is both funny, at times touching and sometimes shocking. But then real life is, isn't it?


(in order of appearance)

Felix Humble Will Parrick
Mercy Lott Gloria Streames
Flora Humble Kerry King
The Gardener Nigel Lister
Rosie Pye Jo Cobbold
George Pye Alan Wheeler

Production Team

Val Taylor, Caroline Roberts, Bruce Emeny, Andy Terry, Daniel Humphreys, Roger Licence, Petr Scott, Geoff Taylor, Chris Bush, Nigel Lister, Derek Butcher, Chris Sadd, Christine Phasey, Gloria Streames, Kerry King, Lester Pearse, John Roberts, Roger Davies, June Wheeler, Yvonne Cobbold, Viv Wheatley, Patience Ling, Steve Sadler.

Awards & Nominations

Nominations by the North East Essex Theatre Guild Awards were:
  • Set design / construction: Humble Boy
  • Best Supporting Actress: Gloria Streams as Mercy

The Play

Humble Boy is a comedy about broken vows, failed hopes and the joys of bee keeping. All is not well in the Humble hive. Thirty five year old Felix Humble is a Cambridge astrophysicist in search of a unified field theory. Following the sudden death of his father, Felix returns home to be with his difficult and demanding mother. He soon realizes that his search for unity must be expanded to include his own chaotic life.



The Manifest Theatre would like to thank Hearts Delight garden centre for sponsoring our production by supplying all the artificial plants, flowers, shrubs and trees that were used on the set. We are extremely grateful to them.

Photo Shoot

Nigel, Allen, Will
Kerry, Jo, Gloria

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