M.A.S.K.S - performed June 1999

Manifest Acting and Singing Kids

Proudly present an evening of entertainment featuring three one act plays

Chairman's Welcome

I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to our first production by M.A.S>K.S. The formation of a youth group was one of the main objectives that I wanted to achieve when I took on my role as Chairman at the beginning of the season.

We capture that dream before you tonight.

The youngsters have put in a tremendous amount of hard work both on stage and behind the scenes. With some fresh ideas from the production team, this will, I am sure, make for an enjoyable evening's entertainment.

Thank you all for your support this season. With the ongoing participation of our new-found talent, I am sure our future is promising.
Bruce Emeny - Chairman


by Brian McGuire

Director - Jenine Collier


Mum Emma Hillier
Dad Adrian Bolton
Gran Hannah Ling-Tudor
Debra Laura Jepp
Darren James Mason
Traffic Warden Haley Knights



by Chris Maybury

Director - Jessica and Graham Boulton


Wild child Vikki Bates
Hen-pecked Daniel Tuck
Housewife Kate Leese
Boss/Husband Edward Talbot
Mother/Friend Krystle Nunn



by Eileen Diamond

Director - Ray Chinn, Kerry King and Patience Ling


First Councillor Crystal Wuyts
Second Councillor Helen Canning
Third Councillor Jo Cobbold
Mayor Adrian Bolton
Narrator Alex Bates
Master of Music Nigel Lister
Postwoman Louise Knights
Road Sweepers Jamie Greening
James Mason
Krystle Nunn
Kate Leese
Daniel Tuck
Musicians Samantha Miller
Haley Knights
Candt-floss man Edward Talbot
Town Crier Laura Jepp
Teachers Graham Boulton
Yvonne Cobbold
Clown Kayleigh Greening
Towns people/School children Charlotte Brown
Laura Talbot
Hannah Ling-Tudor
Emma Hillier
Vikki Bates

Production Team

Jenny Rollings, Dave Wuyts, Greg Pulham, Bruce Emeny, Rachel Ling-Tudor, Rod Chittendon, Alex Bates, Thea Wakeling, Graham Boulton, Jo Simmons, Nigel Lister, Jessica Boulton, Kerry King, Jan Mason, Di Greening, Sam Daines, Lynette Rowsell, Yvonne Cobbold, Steve Sadler, Marion Haywood, Patience Ling, Jo Cobbold.


TALENTED youngster from the Manningtree area have proved there is new generation of actors waiting in the wings. Just a few short months ago the Manifest Theatre Group set up a youth group – Manifest Acting and Singing Kids (MASKS) – and over three evening last week they staged their first ever production.

The children, aged from only nine up to 15 presented three one-act plays, all very different but equally all equally entertaining. They were also part of the production team and with the help of a few adults, assisted with the many jobs which go on backstage. For many of the youngsters it was their first time in front of an audience but no-one would have guessed. They exuded confidence and were all obviously enjoying everyone moment of being in the spotlight.

Hannah Ling-Tudor was remarkable as the gran in Sandgran, creating a real Les Dawson-type character and Vikki Bates was delightful as the seductive wild child in Anonymous. While Laura Jepp, probably the smallest in the cast of both Sandgran and Rubbish, was one of the best at projecting her voice to reach all the audience.
Unusually there were empty seats in the Oxford Road theatre Perhaps the group’s usual supporters were put off because it was mainly children taking part. They need not have been for the youngsters are continuing the high standard which has been the hallmark of Manifest productions and it augers well for the future of the group.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

If you have any photos from this production, then please let us know.