Murdered to Death - performed May 2000

By Peter Gordon

Performed by arrangement with Warner/Chappell plays LTD.

Director - Roger Licence
Producer - Nigel Lister


(in order of appearance)

Mildred Viv Wheatley
Dorothy Elizabeth Wainwright
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington Caroline Kobielusz
Margaret Craddock Gloria Streames
Joan Maple Mary Powell
Colonel Craddock Lester Pearse
Bunting Adrian Bolton
Pierre Marceau Mike Johansen
Inspector Pratt Mel Evans
Constable Thomkins John Roberts

Production Team

Roger Licence, Nigel Lister, Jenny Rollings, Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Terry Cousins, Di Greening, Gloria Streames, Liz Wilson, Thelma Rayment, Lester Pearse, Patience Ling, Jane Cousins, Viv Wheatley, Steve Sadler, Yvonne Cobbold.

The Play

A hilarious spoof of the best of the Agatha Christie traditions, this star-studded whodunnitt twists and turns with side-splitting antics and ever-increasing merriment and confusion.

Set in a country manor house in the glorious 1930’s, the colourful cast of characters guaranteed to delight include – Bunting the Butler; Colonel Charles Craddock with the prerequisite stiff upper lip, the bumbling local inspector and his Constable; and a well meaning local sleuth Miss Maple who seems to attract murder wherever she goes. Add to this a high society debutante, a shady French art dealer and his moll, and supporting cast, and you have the perfect recipe for uproarious fun and hysterical happenings. But following the mysterious death of the house’s owner, will the murderer be unmasked before every one else has met their doom, or will the audience die laughing first?


HILARIOUS SPOOF HAD AUDIENCE CHUCKLING THERE was just one thing wrong with the latest production staged by the Manifest Theatre Group – the evening had to end. Murdered to Death, by Peter Gordon, is playwriting at its very best – oh to be able to have such a gift with words!
This hilarious spoof who-dunnit had the audience chuckling from the very beginning and many were still laughing as they left the Oxford Road theatre. It was a really entertaining and enjoyable evening.

The cast of ten, several of them new to the group, were all marvellous, the acting being superb. It must have been particularly difficult for Mel Evans, as the aptly-named Inspector Pratt, to learn his lines with so many wrongly-used and mis-pronounced words, but he never faltered. And there was another great performance for Adrian Bolton, one of the old hands, as Bunting the butler.. The play was directed by Roger Licence and produced by Nigel Lister
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

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