Our Town - performed February 2008

By Thornton Wilder

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French

Director - Kerry King

Our Town is a play that is frequently staged in America and has proved to be very popular in England because it can be any town, anywhere, and i am sure if you listen carefully you will find many parallels with Manningtree. The focus of this play is about life, about the hardships, the happiness and the inevitability of death. Its is about how we do not often truly appreciate what we have until it over. The play is unconventional in some ways as it expects you, the audience, to use your imagination even more then you usually do at the theatre. So, the set is minimal as are the props. Instead of being swamped with all the visual paraphernalia, the author wanted you to focus on life and what it holds for each and every one of us. So, Grover's Corners could be 'Our Town', with characters reflecting the hopes and dreams, the failures and successes of people everywhere.


Narrator Guy Singleton
Dr Gibbs Nigel Rowe
Joe/Si Crowell Matthew Barrott
Howie Newsome Gordon Prior
Mrs Gibbs Amanda Rowe
Mrs Webb Helen Brdge
George Gibbs Adam Duarte-Dias
Rebecca Gibbs Robin Morris-Denholm
Wally Webb Luke Duarte-Dias
Emily Webb Pheobe Day
Mr Webb Nigel Morton
Mrs Ingrid Carter Chris Sadd
Mrs Maddie Green Pauline Pattison
Simon Stimson Lester Pearse
Mrs Louella Soames Tovah Undrill
Constable Bill Warren Adrian Bolton
Joe Soddard Howard Gilbert
Sam Craig Martin Rayner

Production Team

Kerry King, Bruce Emeny, Andy Terry, Daniel Humphreys, Derek Butcher, Gloria Streames, Caroline Roberts, John Roberts, Lester Pearse, Patience Ling, Viv Wheatley, Yvonne Cobbold, Steve Sadler, Bethany Jones, Alice Rowe, Val Taylor and other volunteers not mentioned.

The Play

'The action takes place in the fictional town of Grover's Corners, New Hampshire, just north of Massachusetts line, between 1901 and 1913. 


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Photo Shoot

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