Scrooge (The Musical) - November 2000

Book, Music and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French - London

Producer and Director - Dennis Murfitt
Musical Director - Patience Ling

Cast - Not so young ones

(in order of appearance)

Ebenezer Scrooge Nigel Lister
Bob Cratchit Nigel Rowe
Bess Lizz Williams
Wine Merchant Terry Cousins
Mr Pringle Gordon Prior
Jocelyn Jollygoode Mel Evans
Hugo Hearty Bob Wheatley
Bissett Tom Rowe
Mrs Dibler Jane Cousins
Miss Dibler Murial Dunne
Beggar Woman Kate Daines
Punch and Judy Man Dave Turner
Tom Jenkins Mike Johansen
Jacob Marley Lester Pearce
Phantom 1 Jo Cobbold
Phantom 2 Jemma Wood
Phantom 3 Emma Bush
Ghost of Christmas Past Teresa Turner
School Teacher Mary Powell
Fezziwig Dave Turner
Mrs Fezziwig Amanda Rowe
Isabel 1 Jo Cobbold
Isabel 2 Jemma Wood
Ghost of Christmas Present Adrian Bolton
Ethel Cratchit Caroline Carey
Helen Caroline Kobielusz
Mary Mary Powell
Ghost of Christmas yet to Come Caroline Kobielusz
Nephew John Hoskyns
Young Scrooge John Hoskyns
Shoppers, Guests Janet Bush, Stefenie Cousins

Cast - Young ones

(in order of appearance)

Tiny Tim Laura Jepp
Topper Sam Rowe
Urchin Tessa Bolam
Urchin Alice Eldridge
Dick Wilkins Aaron Coolidge
Peter Cratchit Jason Coolidge
Jen Kelly Mattin
Young Scrooge Daniel Tuck
Belinda Cratchit Harriet Leggett-Auld
Martha Cratchit Katherine Connell
Ebby Hamish Connell
Kathy Cratchit Annabel Carey
Beggar's Child Robyn Jepp
Urchin Alice Rowe

Production Team

Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Peggy Barber, Kevan Porter, Chris Bush, Jenny Rollings, Allison Trenery, Caroline Kobielusz, Jane Cousins, Denis Murfitt, Terry Cousins, Stefanie Cousins, Gloria Streames.

The Musical


The Manifest brings a fresh look to this Dickens classic. Produced and directed by Dennis Murfitt, the play is well presented and the limited stage space used to best advantage, while the musical director Patience Ling deserves applause for the singing. Nigel Lister as the miserly Scrooge gives an outstanding and faultless performance. Others who caught the eye were Nigel Rowe as Bob Cratchit, Adrian Bolton, a Brian Blessed look-alike with a wreath on his head as the ghost of Christmas Present, and John Hoskyns, who played the younger Scrooge and also Scrooge's nephew.
Among the 40 taking part were 15 members of the MASKS (Manifest Acting and Singing Kids) youth group, and Laura Jepp captured the hearts of the audience with her waif-like appearance and strong singing.

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