Theft - performed May 2003

By Eric Chappell

Director - Roger Licence

Nothing can give an actor or performer more pleasure than to hear the raucus laughter of an audience, however I am not sure that we will hear a great deal of that during this very cleverly written play!
This comedy thriller should grab your attention from the very start and continue to hold and amuse you until the final curtain. You really don't want to miss a single word.
Witty colourful characters and an excellent plot cannot fail to entertain with of course a bit of "THEFT". My thanks to a hard working team and an enthuiastically committed cast.


Trevor Farrington John Roberts
John Miles Adrian Bolton
Jenny Farrington Caroline Newson
Spriggs Nigel Lister
Barbara Miles Mary Powell

Production Team

Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Nigel Moreton, Roger Licence, Ray Streames, Lester Pearse, Glyn Hill.

The Play


Clever dialogue, an intriguing plot and superb acting make for another great evening.s entertainment at the Manifest Theatre.
Theft, a comedy thriller by Eric Chappell, opended at the Oxford Road theatre in Manningtree on Tuesday evening. Produced and directed by Roger Licence, this is yet another in the continuing and long line of outstanding and successful production by this talented group.
Set in an isolated country home, the play describes what happens when the owners and their two guests discover the house has been burgled and the thief is still on the premises.
The laughs come thick and fast from the very beginning and the many twists and turns as the drama unfolds keep the audience guessing to the very end.
There are just five perfomers - all on stage for most of the time, and everyone excelled. This is certainly one not to be missed.
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

Caroline, John, Nigel, Adrian, Mary

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