Time To Kill - performed February 2002

By Leslie Darbon

Performed with the kind permission of Samuel French, London

Produced and Directed - Mel Evans

Welcome to this performance of "Time To Kill". I think you will find it different from our usual productions. It appeals to me, because is has such an intriguing plot and the dialogue is riveting. It is a play which embraces most of the emaotions and makes great demands upon the cast.


(in order of appearance)

Don Parkes John Roberts
Maggie Parkes Donna Kimber
Jane Abbott Caroline Kobielusz
Liz Thomas Mary Powell
Helen Francis Liz Porter
Aalan Sexton Glyn Hill

Production Team

Bruce Emeny, Maurice Barber, Gordon Prior, Lester Pearse, Mel evans, Caroline Kobielusz, Ray Streames, Gloria Streames, Liz Wilson, Yvonne Cobbold, Julie Cross.

The Play

The play is set in a middle-class housing estate in the 1970's. Four women lure a man into a trap and accuse him of allowing a friend of theirs to die when he could have prevented it.
They set up a mock trial and he has to defend for his life, because if found guilty, the death penalty is the only sentence that can be passed...


Giving Manifest the backing they deserve

Those living in the Manningtree area often complain there is little entertainment and then fail to support what is offered.
In the Manifest Theatre Group, England’s smallest town has a real treasure – a gifted group of Amateurs who, for the past quarter of a century, have been staging three shows every year, all professionally presented with a high standard of acting by some very talented thespians. Yet only when they present musicals and comedies do they get the backing they deserve.

This week, the group is staging Time to Kill, a play by Leslie Darbon, and at Tuesday’s opening night the Oxford Road theatre was only a little over half full. After weeks of hard work rehearsing, it must be very dispiriting for the players to look out and see several empty rows of seats.
Those not planning to attend have missed a real treat as this was one of the best-ever shows of its kind and made for a very enjoyable evening.

The play, produced and directed by Mel Evans, features a mock trial, set up by four woman, who lure a man into a trap and accuse him of allowing a friend of theirs to dies when he could have prevented it. There are some really funny moments as the drama unfolds over two hours with outstanding performances by all six members of the case. Donna Kimber, on stage for most of the time, was word perfect and ably backed by John Roberts, Caroline Kobielusz, Mary Powell, Liz Porter and Glyn Hill
Lesley Pallett

Photo Shoot

John, Mary, Caroline, Donna, Glyn, Liz

Liz, John, Glyn, Caroline

Liz, Donna, John