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Dear Members

At last our theatre has now been able to open its doors again. Already we have been able to welcome members back to enjoy two Mamma Mia! singalong film nights. These were a great success and it was wonderful to see members back in the theatre. If you missed them, donít worry, more are planned.

These were just precursors to the programme we are putting together for the rest of this year and 2022. All members who paid subscriptions for 2020 and those renewing this year may also enjoy free membership until the end of 2022. Not sure if your membership has lapsed? We will be happy to check for you.

Stay safe and hope to see you at the theatre soon!


To all you talented and community spirited friends out there. We would love to have you join our team of volunteers at the theatre. Let us know what you like to do and how you think you could help us, the roles are many and varied and we are a welcoming happy bunch who would love to have you on board. Current vacancies Occasional Bar Staff . But if you can paint, build, sew, mend, create, organise, photocopy, or clean WE NEED YOU !!

Your 2021 - 2022 Committee

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting your new committee was elected for 2021 - 2022.
Committee members are as follows:
Chairperson - Alison Baker, Vice-Chair - Chris Sadd, Treasurer - Sue Halsey, Secretary - Nigel Rowe, Membership Secretary - Nigel Morton, Box Office Manager - Heather McCollin, Publicity Officers - Lea Friend and Alison Baker, Bar Manager - Amanda Rowe, Social Secretary - Lea Friend, General Committee members: Jon Abbott, Ben Maytham, Jo Simons, Alfie Lucas and Alan Wheeler



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Past News

Previous news items and non production reports have been archived here.


Nominations from North Essex Theatre Guild 2019/20

Santa Goes on Holiday - Directed by Kerry King
  • King Costume Award.
  • Award for Technical Achievement.
  • Award for Best Dame - Nigel Rowe as Flossy and Rob Sadler as Droopy Drawers. (Joint award)
  • Best Actress - Amanda Rowe as Wicklepedia.
  • The Debbie Millar School of Dance Award for Choreography - The Bollywood routine.

Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Wooden Figurines - Directed by Lea Friend

  • The Terry Sadler Memorial Trophy for Front of House.
  • The Millenium Writers Award for Best Original Script - Tom Hitchcock.
  • Full-Length Play Festival Costume Award.
  • Set Design/Construction/Dressing Award.
  • Best Supporting Actor - Paul Man as Sir Cuthbert Worthington-Jones.
  • Best Supporting Actress - Bethany Jones as Lady Arabella Thorn.
  • The David Knight Shield for Best Actor - Rob Sadler as Sherlock Holmes.
  • Best Actress - Amanda Rowe as Lady Veronica Worthington-Jones.
  • The Cliff Hudson Award for Comedy. (Production)
Of Mice and Men - Directed by Alison Baker
  • Award for Set Design/Construction/Dressing.
  • Lyndon Trophy for Technical Achievement.
  • Best Supporting Actor - Nigel Morton as Candy.
  • The David Knight Shield for Best Actor - Paul Reed as George and Brandon Lee as Lennie. (Joint nomination)
  • The Doris Griffith Memorial Cup for Best Dramatic Full Length Play.

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Website updates

August 2021 - updated all pages after re opening the Theatre.